Private Violin Lessons

Annabel Moynihan is a Suzuki certified violin teacher. She teaches classical violin and Irish traditional fiddle, song accompaniment, and electric violin.  She works with all levels of players and their families, from age three up. When there is enough interest, she leads a string ensemble and an Irish session. Get in touch on our contact page.

Private lessons are offered by Anabel  Monday through Fridays, beginning at 1:15.

32 lessons in a year, $60 a week, this cost includes access to all groups and workshops.

Children 5 years and under, $40 for a 45-minute lesson and $30 for a 30-minute lesson with a caregiver, this also includes access to groups and workshops with their caregivers.

Groups and workshops are $10 if you are not a student.

Group Lessons  

For all students group is free 

$10 per session for anyone who is not a student

Monday - 3:30-4 Irish fiddle group

Tuesday -

Wednesday - 3:30-4 Irish fiddle group

Thursday -



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